TEFMA23 Final Program

TEFMA2023 promises a program that is packed with informative concurrent and plenary sessions as well as interesting and exciting site tours, workshops, vendors tech sessions and FM related exhibitions. The program offers plenty of opportunities to collaborate, network and share experience with your peers. So, why wait get yourself registered now and to give that impetus you need, here’s the initial programme.

Further details on sessions, afternoon tours and workshops will be shared soon.

Morning Site Tours – Thursday 14th September

These five site tours will run approximately 9am-12noon on thursday 14th September following the TEFMA23 Conference final day and gala Celebration.
Spaces for each are limited as tours are for small groups.

To book a tour, complete your conference rgeistration and select in add-ons (subject to availability).
If you have already completed a conference registration, you can login to your registration, scroll to add-ons and then add the tour you would like to attend (subject to availability).

The University of Sydney

Come and hear about the role The University of Sydney is playing within Tech Central and see recently completed world-class facilities supporting medical and health education…don’t forget to check out the Egyptian mummies in the Chau Chak Wing Museum!

UNSW Sydney

Hear from world class researchers in the areas of photovoltaics and renewable energy, circular economies, mRNA vaccines, RNA and quantum computing, and see the world-class infrastructure that enables these critically important areas of research.


Tour the facilities that have helped to raise UTS’ profile and market appeal, from the Frank Gehry designed ‘crumpled paper bag’ UTS Business School to the fjmt studio-designed ‘twisted tower’ of UTS Central.

Macquarie University

If your university is interested in enhancing the student experience and/or thinking about using CLT in your next building project, then this tour of Macquarie University is a must for you.  Experience the driverless metro trains that deliver you right to the front door of Macquarie University.

Western Sydney University

Discover the innovative partnerships between Western Sydney University and local developers, transforming education and western Sydney. Experience this ground-breaking initiative first hand by visiting the dynamic Parramatta and Bankstown city campuses.

Afternoon Programming

Monday 11th September

The Monday afternoon sessions are split between workshops and site tours.
If you would like to attend a site tour, please login to your registration and include in your add-ons. Please only select ONE as they run concurrently. If you plan to attend a workshop, you do not need to register specifically for the session, they will be first come first serve.


Benchmarking Insights
Johanna Trickett, Arup

Please join us for a live discussion based on the 2022 TEFMA Benchmark Insights Report. As a participant in the facilities management space, your role in ensuring the efficient and sustainable operation of your institutional campus raises unique challenges. Our workshop will aim to explore the latest statistical insights and spark discussions around shared problems and potential solutions.
We will provide a broad overview of the 2022 Report, and our key takeaways in the areas of:
• Built Environment,
• Sustainability,
• Capital Expenditure,
• Operational Costs and
• Space.
This session includes a focused discussion on the specific trends in energy usage and carbon emissions, supported by an industry expert (to be confirmed) who will provide a unique perspective on the challenges posing the sector on its decarbonisation journey, with a focus on the challenge of data collation and management. We will also be joined by TEFMA Member Universities who will share some of the steps they have taken towards their Net Zero targets.

Revolutionising Space and Estate Management
Peter Harris & Alison Allan, Micad

Micad is a global leader in space and estate management software. In this session, we will demonstrate how Universities use Micad applications to revolutionise their management of space including CAD and 360 imagery. In addition, we will introduce the Micad IPR and how it can be used to address the measuring, reporting and utilisation of space in relation to TEFMA Space Planning Guidelines (edition 4). Beyond this, we will demonstrate how these standards are fundamental to the successful digitisation of broader estate management disciplines, such as lease management, maintenance, condition appraisal and compliance. The session will provide comparisons with practices used in UK Universities, and included in the session will be the opportunity to interact with a new information portal where space and other connected data can be easily retrieved without the need for training.

Balancing Budgets – Strategic Financial Planning for Education: 7 Steps
Ashay Prabhu, GFOA

Universites, TAFE and Schools in Australia are custodians of billions of $ of infrastructure assets. These comprise buildings, facilities, pathways, roadways, utilities, plant and equipment.
For each $1billion of replacement cost, the equivalent annual consumption is circa $25-35 million per annum.
As Facility Management professionals, we have an incredible opportunity to ensure that the scarce funding available to maintain and renew these assets is spent optimally over a long term basis to ensure that we have the least amount of assets in poor condition over 5,10,20 years…In other words SAM is our tool to ensure that we continue to provide services 5,10,20 years into the future at lowest cost, lowest risk and mitigate climate impact.

How ?
This Master Class will focus on the 7 steps of the journey of strategic asset management. A fundamental workshop to take participants through a very simple explanation of the concepts of:
1. levels of service;
2. scenario planning for long term financial plan considerations;
3. life cycle planning;
4. calculation of key asset management financial ratios;
5. asset management plan and how it can inform the long term financial plan.
Includes an interactive 30 minute hands on exercise in groups.

Who should attend?
· Managers of Finance
· Facility Managers
· University Board officials
· Financial Accountants
· Capital Planners

Site Tours

Landscape Solutions tour of Barangaroo Headland (until 5:30pm)

A world famous location with 75,000 native trees and shrubs, rolling green lawns, wide open spaces and sweeping views of Sydney Harbour. 03.00 pm departuren from ICC, 05.30 pm return to ICC. Note Barangaroo is approximately 20 minutes walk from the ICC.

BGIS tour of the Downing Centre Law Courts (from 4pm)

A major heritage 34,500m2, 115-year-old building. It is the largest Court Complex in the Southern Hemisphere with high security protocols and infrastructure for safety of all users. 04.00 pm departure from ICC, 05.00 pm return to ICC. Note Law Courts are approximately 12 minutes walk from the ICC.

ICC Sydney

Some of the most interesting and challenging aspects of ICC Sydney is not what the public gets to see but how the BOH operations were resolved for this once-in-a-generation mega-project. On this tour you will have the chance to peek behind the curtains and see how ICC Sydney manages to effortlessly deliver multiple high-quality events at all scales with top-quality catering all year long. The tour will include a walk-through of key FOH and BOH areas across the three(3) facilities; ICC Convention Centre, ICC Exhibition Centre, and ICC Theatre. Including telling the background story for the reason for the entire redevelopment of Darling Harbour and all the facilities; the design process leading to the design outcomes, the key design challenges and solutions, as well as some fascinating facts and figures about one of the largest PPP integrated urban renewal projects in the country.

Tuesday 12th September

The Tuesday afternoon sessions are split between tech sessions and site tours.
If you would like to attend a site tour, please login to your registration and include in your add-ons. Please only select ONE as they run concurrently. If you plan to attend a tech session, you do not need to register specifically for the session.
The tech sessions will be 30minute sessions that repeat and take place three times.

Sponsor Tech Sessions

Parcsafe – Parking technologies & analytics
Daniel Parker & Joe Parker

We looking to engage with creative thinkers and achievers from the areas of campus planning, engineering & infrastructure. We are looking to engage in robust discussions about current & future methods of the 3 verticals of parking and traffic management: Count, Report, Control.

We endeavour to make each session hands-on & thought-provoking with ideas generated for all parties involved. We endeavour to listen to the delegates regarding current pain points and assist them with future planning for their campuses.

We will develop a programme that we will share with all delegates at the start of the session. We plan to structure our sessions around data collection, and smart vehicle access – whilst provoking conversation around the idea of mobility hubs and the future.

We will also have a few demo systems with us that the delegates can explore:

– The OpenSpace System
– The BayPod System
– Traffic Logix

Skand – How spatial data and artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping traditional approaches to facilities & asset management
Yossi Kahlon & Brett Chilton

CIM – Improving financial and environmental performance through data-driven asset management
Caitlin Koskinen & Scott Beauman
Higher education Asset and Facilities Management teams currently face significant challenges, including staff turnover, decreased budgets, emissions targets, and longer asset operating hours. Join the CIM team for an interactive session showcasing how the AI-powered PEAK Platform enables teams to digitally monitor and optimise assets – reducing outgoings, increasing equipment life, improving sustainability, and creating a superior experience for all stakeholders.

Site Tours

Landscape Solutions tour of Barangaroo Headland (until 5:30pm)

A world famous location with 75,000 native trees and shrubs, rolling green lawns, wide open spaces and sweeping views of Sydney Harbour. 03.00 pm departuren from ICC, 05.30 pm return to ICC. Note Barangaroo is approximately 20 minutes walk from the ICC.